Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Revlon Blushed with nail art and First Post!


So I am new to the blog-o-sphere but I have developed a passion and it is one I have been dying to share.

Nail polish.

Sounds crazy right? But for the past year this hobby has become something of a >slight< obsession of mine. Or maybe a little more... An addiction? Anyway, let's not label it too harshly.

Nail polish, nail art and scouring the web for swatches and the latest designs have kept me busy and have only fueled the fire for this addiction. Not to mention finding the best sales then blowing some money on 9 bottles of polish at a time. Lol. Atleast I have a budget system in place now. :)

So on to the Blog!

I am hoping to make this a weekly blog where I can post all of my NOTD (Nails of the Day) or nail art that I come up with. Currently, I have naked nails because the bf and I are packing for a move. But I have some older art that I can show you today to kick off the site!

This is Revlon Blushed with Sinful Colors Black on Black. The paw prints were made using a dotting tool. Simple but cute.

Ok, this picture thing is going to take some time to work out. But this will get us started!

See you soon!

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