Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Friend in Need

Hey everyone,

As most of you know I am a dog trainer working at a local Petco store. In my line of work, I meet a ton of really interesting, caring and giving people. But sometimes the most giving need a little getting in their lives.

One of the amazing people I have met and befriended over the last 2 years is Kim. She owns 2 dogs, Baylee and Yogi and volunteers for as a foster for a local rescue (who shall remain nameless and they are total ass-hats). Recently she had 9 dogs crowding her little house, 7 of which she nursed back from the brink of death. (One, Nugget had a corncob and 24 inches removed from his intestines because someone tied him up outside and left town)... Almost all the puppies have gotten homes and she is down to 5 total in the house.

Anyway, Kim was fostering a puppy (a 35 pound puppy, but a puppy none the less) who red lined (read: went bat-sh*t crazy) and attacked Kim's personal dog Baylee. The "puppy" wouldn't let Baylee go and Kim got physically involved. Both Baylee and Kim ended up with several VERY bad bite/puncture wounds and both went to the ER for treatment. This happened about a week and a half ago.

The rescue group is refusing to pay for the medical bills for Kim or Baylee.

Also, Kim called me today, in tears and told me Yogi (her other personal dog) went to the vet for a dental cleaning and the idiot vet tech "forgot" to turn on Yogi's oxygen while he was under anesthesia... For FIVE minutes. The vet is expecting Yogi to have some brain damage, though the extent isn't known yet.

I also just want to let you all know Yogi and Baylee are both A.K.C. Canine Good Citizen graduates and are currently working on becoming Therapy Dogs.

I know the animal community bands together for friends, and I am asking everyone if they can visit and give what you can. Also, if you want to PM me, I can give you an address to send money, treats, food or toys for this kind-hearted woman.

Long story short for the "TLDR" Crowd... A friend was fostering a dog that bit the heck out of my friend and her dog. Also, life sucks and her other dog may be brain damaged due to negligent vet practices. Help!

Saturday, August 31, 2013


Hey guys!

Sorry, I know it has been a while (again) since I posted.

Let me 'splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. Buttercup is marry' Humperdinck in a little less than half an hour. So all we have to do is get in, break up the wedding, steal the princess, make our escape... after I kill Count Rugen.

If you get the quote, two thousand extra brownie points to you! But for serious, let me sum up recent events.

Kissa got a new home after destroying about all of our electronics in one very failed jump attempt. I got a new hedgehog. A female. Her name is Dosa, she is a rescue! Pretty as a picture and just as easy to handle. (hahaha...) Annd... That's really about the highlights of the past 1.5 months.

little face photo Dosa005_zps5a357e22.jpg

back shot photo Dosa007_zps9891c1d0.jpg

first day! photo Dosa003_zps72409d34.jpg

She's cute. But I digress. I haven't been doing my nails all that much, in fact they went naked for almost two weeks! But they have polish on them now. Sally Hansen - Loves Me Not. It is very pretty but has a lot more dimension in the bottle. I also cannot capture it on my cameras. It just wants to look black or dark purple. :/  

So I am currently on vacation or a stay-caion with my boyfriend. We have some kinda-maybe-shifty plans but I am really just hoping for some down time, nail time, hedgie time and maybe some fishing thrown in for a balance of UV rays.

Any ideas for what we can do on vacation? Only restrictions: 1.) I have about $60 to "waste". 2.) Gas is expensive 3.) I will most likely be crawling the walls after about day 4.


Be well! Stay safe!! Hopefully I will write to you soon.

 photo SortThrough052_zps52cb44f0.jpg
A glamour shot to leave on. Color Club Holos! Waaaa??? A-mazing raibows!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Long story (not so) Short

Hello all,

I hope everyone is doing well. Things here have been up and down, but at least I have been keeping busy.

So a few days ago, something super awesome happened here! My bf and I have been looking for a cat for several weeks; going on, visiting pet stores that offer adoption and I have also been keeping my eye out at work for a special kitty.

We didn't have any criteria in mind for a new family member, just some-cat that would spend lazy days in bed and play with us. I guess mainly as a stress reliever and it seems like lately we (the bf and I) have had some crazy dealings with stupid people. But I digress.

The other day one of my managers comes into the store with a set of kitten that needed good homes... And I bet you can already tell where this is going...

But anyway I fell cup over kettle for a plain 'ol brown tabby cat that I had named Leilah at the store. (It doesn't fit her at all though...) That afternoon I took her in the brake room to have lunch with me and we bonded. After that, she would come to the kiosk door when I came over and talked to her.

 photo SortThrough105_zpse8017779.jpg

A match made in heaven right? Wrong. The rescue for whatever reason had her declawed on her front paws and because of that her adoption fee was $100! (Higher than the usual $65.) So for two days I longingly loved on her, petting her or talking to her when I had free time. (Don't tell my managers...) Needless to say I kept falling for her. Even my bf told me to just bring her home. He didn't even meet her. But I couldn't swing the extra money.

So during my Friday training class with Sam and her Mommy (I don't want to name too many names until I get her OK...) I couldn't stop talking about this kitty and how she would fit perfectly into our little world. But long story short, I kept talking about the cat (and nail polish), we didn't do any training with Sam who was perfectly content to pull squeakers out of a toy and they left for the evening.

Or so I thought! (Dunn dunn dunnnnnnna) Anyway Sam and her Mommy come back into the store and Sam's Mommy ask "I have a favor to ask you and you have to say "Yes" before you know what it is." I unhesitatingly say OK thinking it was something to do with Sam or our classes. But she puts $40 in my hand and tells me, "Get the cat."

So I bring her home.
 photo SortThrough120_zps7686afa3.jpg
But now I have a nail polish assistant who likes to play with my brushes, cotton balls and miscellaneous things I have laying about. She is fitting in very well so far and is sleeping mostly though the night with us. 
I am dreading my 9 hour shift tomorrow because I just want to stay home and love on my ball of fuzz. But now I have another reason to blog and share pictures. Maybe I will even turn on the wifi in the house and share some things on Instagram again!
More to come soon.
Be safe.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My First Julep Box!

Hello all!

So, I have to say today was a pretty good day. Forget the rain, and the traffic and the headaches that come with both. I got to leave work a little early and came home to my first Maven Box from! I wasn't expecting it until tomorrow, so it was a nice surprise!

 photo 028_zps3de2f09c.jpg

The shipping box is solid black- very lux looking!

 photo 030_zpsb8acae8f.jpg

Inside I was greeted with a "Welcome Letter" that was very sweet. But who wants to read a whole letter when there are nail polish and goodies inside?!

 photo 031_zpscf4a8bce.jpg

Remove the letter and YAY my free-bies! Super adorable bobby pins with roses on them. This is very similar to something I almost bought at Ulta the other day, so it is a huge bonus for me!

 photo 032_zps2d7ce2d7.jpg

This month's theme is the "Roaring 20s" and the nail polish and extras are geared toward that. The lipstick box reads "Silky little lip colors inspired by the Roaring Twenties". The packaging on these items is so feminine, I love it! 

 photo 033_zps2e40ba45.jpg

So this is everything unwrapped. The nail polishes are Alice and Millie. Alice on is described at an "Antique lilac shimmer" and Millie is a "Vintage indigo crème". I will be swatching these soon, most likely tonight... My line of untrieds continues to grow... I need to get on this!

 photo 034_zps3631d605.jpg

Here are the lipsticks, from left to right Lady in Red, Satin Doll and Tea for Two.

 photo 035_zps7d8ad42f.jpg

Again from left to right: Lady in Red, Satin Doll and Tea for Two. TfT is the little bit of shimmer to the far right, it is pretty much skin tone with a hint of shimmer. This will most likely be the one I wear most often as I am super pale lol. I had to try on LiR because I have never worn a red lipstick before. It is fierce on me lol, so it may be used only for going out.

So for my list of untrieds... my super awesome boyfriend got me the Color Club 2013 Holographic collection, all 6. I have already worn most of them, but have not sat down and taken pictures yet. I also have most of the China Glaze Hologlam collection, some of the OPI Euro collection and several miscellaneous polishes I have to show you!

Be ready for some color awesome in the coming days (read weeks, knowing me)...

Be safe!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Namine Final Update

Hello all,

Sorry for not posting in so long. The day after the previous post, Namine began to urinate blood. My managers were nice enough to let me rush her to the store's vet. After some testing, it was discovered that not only did Namine have an advanced internal infection, but diabetes as well. She was also malnourished and the mites were causing her immune system to have more trouble fighting the infection.  I decided that her quality of life would have been less than stellar, and with a heavy heart I made the decision to put her to sleep.

It has been several weeks and I still think of her often. I had only known her for a few days, but she left a huge impact on my heart. Send her your prayers and think of her fondly. She was a very sweet little hedgehog and is missed greatly.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Namine Recovery #3

Hello all!

So I went to work early (as will become the norm around here I'm sure). I went to check on Nami and after cooing at her for a bit, changing her water and spot cleaning the fleece; I was kind of dissapointed to only see one poo by her tube. But, just a minute later my manager, who opened and did animal care today, popped his head into Wellness and said, "I can't believe how much that thing can poop!" I (of course) about died laughing, because it is such a hot topic with new hedgie owners. Apparently there had been four other "piles" that he had already tidied up for me!
 photo Namine002_zps51cfec78.jpg  photo Namine003_zps16feb1aa.jpg
Poopy that I was WAY too excited about...

I did my little happy dance knowing that she is happy and nomming away at the soaked kibbles. She also had a poopy wheel, I was so happy she was comfortable enough to run even with some of her back nails sill long. Her poo is a little green, but I think it is from the Innova I have introduced to her diet. :) She eats it right up, though I can't tell the difference between kibbles once they soak up the water.
I also got some pictures of how bad her back is with dry skin, sores, and bald patches...

 photo Namine007_zpsf38d9a97.jpg  photo Namine008_zps2a6707d7.jpg
:( But it only gets better from here...Right??

I put my hand in her giant igloo and just kept still till she figured out who I was when she stole my heart all over again. She huffed at first, then gave me some licks and rested her little head on the back of my hand. :cry: This little girl has stolen my heart completely and I can't wait to being her home. :)

We'll end on a cute note.

 photo Namine004_zps6ec1ca69.jpg photo Namine006_zpsed29d1f0.jpg photo Namine005_zps22154a88.jpg

So here is her trying to wake up. She also likes to show off her pinto spot...that sadly I just noticed today. But to be fair, I love her face too much to look away! lol

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Namine Recover #2

Hey all,

So I have today's pics of Namine ready to go! Today she got her first dose of Revolution for her mites and I got her started on soft foods! I soaked some of her old/ crappy Iams and Eukanuba cat foods mix with some higher quality Innova cat food and water. She was so hungry! She ate and ate, but didn't want anything to do with the sweet potato baby food I offered her.
 photo Namine034_zpse618267e.jpg  photo Namine033_zpsc9a60b30.jpg
Soo Happy!

I also have her on light (pink and white) fleece now so I can monitor her bowel movements and make sure she doesn't have any big internal issues. She did poo for me while I had her out, before her Revolution dose lol.

I also got to trim some of her nails today, and though I quicked her, she was better about it than my boys usually are! I didn't want to push her too far, so I will leave her back feet for a few days from now. It is going to take her a while to walk normally on the pads of her feet though. See her front foot? She stands on her tippy toes.

I also switched her water bottle out for a water bowl. She took to it right away, and I am thinking the water bottle may have been what knocked out all her teeth!

 photo Namine028_zpsddf3ca09.jpg

This is her naked hedgie butt, with her one white quill hanging in there. lol. I can't wait to see her quills grown back in!

 photo Namine016_zpsf8983474.jpg
I rearanged things in her house too, put down the fleece and got her loads of blankies for her giant igloo. The wheel.. I am going to leave for now, just in case she wants to run, but I am going to have to save for a new bucket wheel (hint, hint Larry!) lol.
 photo Namine012_zps3eca083c.jpg

Here is a post nail trim pic, it is easy to see which nails havent been done, and it is going to be an ongoing process to get them back to where they should be...

 photo Namine019_zps008a943c.jpg

My favorite. She loves all her blankies now! I left her only when she went to sleep. I teared up when I saw how happy she looked!