Sunday, June 30, 2013

Long story (not so) Short

Hello all,

I hope everyone is doing well. Things here have been up and down, but at least I have been keeping busy.

So a few days ago, something super awesome happened here! My bf and I have been looking for a cat for several weeks; going on, visiting pet stores that offer adoption and I have also been keeping my eye out at work for a special kitty.

We didn't have any criteria in mind for a new family member, just some-cat that would spend lazy days in bed and play with us. I guess mainly as a stress reliever and it seems like lately we (the bf and I) have had some crazy dealings with stupid people. But I digress.

The other day one of my managers comes into the store with a set of kitten that needed good homes... And I bet you can already tell where this is going...

But anyway I fell cup over kettle for a plain 'ol brown tabby cat that I had named Leilah at the store. (It doesn't fit her at all though...) That afternoon I took her in the brake room to have lunch with me and we bonded. After that, she would come to the kiosk door when I came over and talked to her.

 photo SortThrough105_zpse8017779.jpg

A match made in heaven right? Wrong. The rescue for whatever reason had her declawed on her front paws and because of that her adoption fee was $100! (Higher than the usual $65.) So for two days I longingly loved on her, petting her or talking to her when I had free time. (Don't tell my managers...) Needless to say I kept falling for her. Even my bf told me to just bring her home. He didn't even meet her. But I couldn't swing the extra money.

So during my Friday training class with Sam and her Mommy (I don't want to name too many names until I get her OK...) I couldn't stop talking about this kitty and how she would fit perfectly into our little world. But long story short, I kept talking about the cat (and nail polish), we didn't do any training with Sam who was perfectly content to pull squeakers out of a toy and they left for the evening.

Or so I thought! (Dunn dunn dunnnnnnna) Anyway Sam and her Mommy come back into the store and Sam's Mommy ask "I have a favor to ask you and you have to say "Yes" before you know what it is." I unhesitatingly say OK thinking it was something to do with Sam or our classes. But she puts $40 in my hand and tells me, "Get the cat."

So I bring her home.
 photo SortThrough120_zps7686afa3.jpg
But now I have a nail polish assistant who likes to play with my brushes, cotton balls and miscellaneous things I have laying about. She is fitting in very well so far and is sleeping mostly though the night with us. 
I am dreading my 9 hour shift tomorrow because I just want to stay home and love on my ball of fuzz. But now I have another reason to blog and share pictures. Maybe I will even turn on the wifi in the house and share some things on Instagram again!
More to come soon.
Be safe.


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cant even begin to tell you how happy I am that not only did you get her, but that you updated your blog with pictures of her. I am so happy for you!!! What's her new name? And the bf loves her as well? I hope so!

    So glad she is fitting in and you have something to snuggle and cuddle with every day. You completely deserve it and that is one lucky little kitty! She is going to be so loved for all her days!

    Miss Sam had an issue on Friday and Saturday. I got her that steroid allergy shot on Thursday and Friday (after our non-obedience class :) ) we went home and she was passed out on the couch and then she started to twitch (like she was having a dream) but she was awake. I thought she had a seizure and was losing my mind. Took her to the vet Saturday and the vet said she seemed fine but then it happened again Saturday night - Todd described it perfectly when he said that she looked like she had Parkinson's in the head. After doing TONS of research online and consulting with all the pet lovers I know, I started giving her a cocktail of yogurt (calcium), bananas (potassium) and honey (glucose) and wouldnt you know, she is just great now!? I think it was potassium defficiency but it majorly freaked me out.

    Thats the drama for the week. She is feeling much better. Ill fill you in on the details Friday.

    Congrats to you and your new family member! You are a new cat-mom, now you know how I feel!


    PS - I found a fab 4th of July manicure online over the weekend and thought of you :) hope you are having a great week!

    1. OMG you had me majorly freaked out about Sam for a second there. I hope things keep looking up for you two. I do have a mani to post soon (hopefully tomorrow, as I am still waiting for my nails to dry right now... Her name is Kissa Cutter. Kissa (key-sa) is Finnish for cat and Cutter is a video game character.

      She has been causing a major ruckus the past two nights. Mainly because she sleeps all day.........