Sunday, June 30, 2013

Long story (not so) Short

Hello all,

I hope everyone is doing well. Things here have been up and down, but at least I have been keeping busy.

So a few days ago, something super awesome happened here! My bf and I have been looking for a cat for several weeks; going on, visiting pet stores that offer adoption and I have also been keeping my eye out at work for a special kitty.

We didn't have any criteria in mind for a new family member, just some-cat that would spend lazy days in bed and play with us. I guess mainly as a stress reliever and it seems like lately we (the bf and I) have had some crazy dealings with stupid people. But I digress.

The other day one of my managers comes into the store with a set of kitten that needed good homes... And I bet you can already tell where this is going...

But anyway I fell cup over kettle for a plain 'ol brown tabby cat that I had named Leilah at the store. (It doesn't fit her at all though...) That afternoon I took her in the brake room to have lunch with me and we bonded. After that, she would come to the kiosk door when I came over and talked to her.

 photo SortThrough105_zpse8017779.jpg

A match made in heaven right? Wrong. The rescue for whatever reason had her declawed on her front paws and because of that her adoption fee was $100! (Higher than the usual $65.) So for two days I longingly loved on her, petting her or talking to her when I had free time. (Don't tell my managers...) Needless to say I kept falling for her. Even my bf told me to just bring her home. He didn't even meet her. But I couldn't swing the extra money.

So during my Friday training class with Sam and her Mommy (I don't want to name too many names until I get her OK...) I couldn't stop talking about this kitty and how she would fit perfectly into our little world. But long story short, I kept talking about the cat (and nail polish), we didn't do any training with Sam who was perfectly content to pull squeakers out of a toy and they left for the evening.

Or so I thought! (Dunn dunn dunnnnnnna) Anyway Sam and her Mommy come back into the store and Sam's Mommy ask "I have a favor to ask you and you have to say "Yes" before you know what it is." I unhesitatingly say OK thinking it was something to do with Sam or our classes. But she puts $40 in my hand and tells me, "Get the cat."

So I bring her home.
 photo SortThrough120_zps7686afa3.jpg
But now I have a nail polish assistant who likes to play with my brushes, cotton balls and miscellaneous things I have laying about. She is fitting in very well so far and is sleeping mostly though the night with us. 
I am dreading my 9 hour shift tomorrow because I just want to stay home and love on my ball of fuzz. But now I have another reason to blog and share pictures. Maybe I will even turn on the wifi in the house and share some things on Instagram again!
More to come soon.
Be safe.