Friday, February 22, 2013

OMG I almost missed February! (Pic Heavy)

Ok so I know it has been a while, but things (as usual) got a little crazy... On a positive note, my nails are looking pretty good, if I do say so myself. And though I haven't been posting to the blog, I have been posting some of my manis on my Instagram.

But I will do a quick Feb recap and show you whats been on my nails!

Alright! So that huge project I was working on?

It was sorting though my entire stash, swatching everything and creating a nail polish rack!

 photo 003-1_zps5b6dbf41.jpg

 photo 002-1_zpscd37e5ab.jpg

 photo 004_zps26b6c472.jpg

It was a lot of fun and took all day to complete the project but I think it was well worth it. The only problem I have been having is keeping up with my swatch wheels! I have already aquired so many new polishes that haven't been added...

Including my very first two OPIs!
Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine! and Thanks a Windmillion!
 photo 017_zps2b18d8da.jpg
I love these two colors and they go so well together. They are perfect for this trasitional part of the season where it isn't quite winter and isn't quite spring. :)

 photo 018_zps40bb139b.jpg
I love them!

So for Valentine's Day I had two main manis, nothing super original but I thought they were cute.  photo 005_zpsfd046a06.jpg
This was mostly done with acrylic paint.
 photo 008_zpsd6ef889f.jpg
This was not my favorite of the two, but you guys know how I love to post the fails I have. I don't remember the names of the two polishes, but the pink glitter was from the NOPI set from last year.

I have more pics, but I am going to save them for a later date because this post is so long already!

I will be writing soon!

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