Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The "Quill" Part of Brushes and Quills *graphic*

Hello all!

So I have aquired a new rescue hedgehog. As you may know, I got Navi a few months ago as he was surrendered by his owner. I got very lucky with him and he had no health problems or other issues.

I wasn't so lucky this time. But I am already in love, so she is mine. :)

I have named her Namine, and as fitting with the continuing "Video Game Names" theme that we have for all our pets, hers fits right in. So forgive me, most of the posts will be about her progress and recovery for the next several weeks, but I think it will be nice to have everything documented! Forgive me! lol

So Namine or Nami, got dropped off two days ago to my job, and several of my co-workers texted and called right away to let me know! I am the "Crazy Hedgehog Lady" for my store, so anything to do with them gets sent to me. Everyone at work fell in love with her personality, but I asked them to hold her for me until the next day.

So the next morning I actually leave for work early, super ready to meet my female hedgie and I rush to the Wellness room she is being kept in, and promptly bust into tears.

Her entire back is covered in dry sheets of skin, small scabs and her entire bottom is naked of quills and fur. :( So I finally get a hold of myself and whisk her into grooming and rinse her down and give her a VERY mild oatmeal bath. That helped get rid of a lot of the extra flakes.

Ok, so her has mites, which is most likely the cause of her dry skin and quill loss. I have the meds to treat her- so that isn't a huge deal in itself.
Then I notice her toes. Her little toe nails are so over grown, I am supprised she can walk at all. Her "thumb" nails on her front feet have grown completely over the top of her "hands" And her previous owner had her on some kind of corn cob bedding/cat litter and you can immediately tell she was having a hard time walking on it.

So that is my sob story, I will prolly post later tonight with the pics I took today and you can see how happy she is already!!


 photo 012_zps83e79ce8.jpg

 photo 013_zpse88a95fc.jpg
Naked butt

 photo 017_zps1d55074f.jpg
Awful and Painful Nails
 photo 018_zps20030545.jpg

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