Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Double Bubble Bubblegum blue and Color Club Snowflakies

Hello all!

I hope everyone is doing well as we are almost at Hump Day. I have my NOTD to share with you, and I know I missed a mani from yesterday, but I think I am going to wait and share it when my nails are more naked.

A few months back I went to Big Lots and picked up a 6 set of polish that doesn't have a brand on the box and the only labeling says Double Bubble Bubblegum. The colors are simply labled by their scent. Yes, thats right, each polish smells (somewhat) like the color of Double Bubble Bubblegum they are made to represent!

The blue (Cotton Candy) was standing out to me, so I polished it on. And what to ya know- it has the smallest him of white shimmer to it! But it was still a little too plain for my brain. So I grabbed a polish that became a favorite that taught me to love flakie polish. Color Club Snowflakies. Which I will post a bottle shot of below, once I get one taken. lol
SO without the further ado...

 photo 008_zps445da148.jpg

It is so pretty IRL, that I am leaving it on even though I have tipwear after today's housework. :)
 photo 009_zps6bed54dc.jpg

The flakies are super hard to capture in the awful kitchen light, but it was just cold enough here that I didn' want to get completely dressed to go out to the deck. I know- I'm lazy.

Any requests for colors or styles?

See you soon


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