Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Under the Sea nail fail and FingerPaints Grape Gumball

Hello all!

Sorry for not posting yesterday. It was one of those long days at work and I was just beat by the time I got home. Sunday night though was a nail fiasco!

I spend quite a bit of time playing with my Migi nail pens again and I had created a neat mani of sea creatures! Fish and an octopus and seaweed, the works. Unfortunately I used some polish as a base that I got for Chirstmas that turned out to be really cheap quality... It chipped after less than an hour and I hadn't even done the dishes or anything!

But on to the beauty that didn't last.
 photo Nails012_zps83e73030.jpg
Left hand (Thats the cheap-o polish in the back...)

 photo Nails016_zps7c8ecc33.jpg
Right hand

 photo Nails013_zps6ad2114b.jpg
Close up of some fishies!!!!

I was so fed up with the issues I was having I took the whole thing off. I set my stash infront of my boyfriend and asked him to pick my next color. He chose FingerPaints Grape Gumball. It is a pretty dusky purple with a slight shimmer hidden in it. And just to make sure I had something pretty on my tips, I used my Migi pens to make little pink daisys on them. :)
 photo Nails020_zps8e3c1cb3.jpg
 photo Nails021_zpsf9eb0ab9.jpg
How cute are they?

Anyway, this is getting long so I will post again tomorrow with a project I will be working on!

See you soon

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